John Montgomery, 16 Ranish

Stornoway Gazette, 20 October 1939
We regret to record the death of John Montgomery, 16 Ranish, which occurred on Sunday 15 October 1939. Montgomery, who was a naval reservist, was on service, and no details are at present available other than that he drowned in Grimsby Royal Dock. Less than a year ago, John had married Christy Ann Macmillan, a Shader girl, and great sympathy is felt for her and for his two sisters and brother who survive him. the brother is in Vancouver, one sister in Glasgow and another in Stornoway. Montgomery had been a reservist for about 15 years and he was among those called up towards the end of August when war became imminent. Those who knew him speak of him as a quiet, respectable fellow, well known in the village and well liked by all. His death is deeply regretted.

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