Alex Finlayson, 10 Calbost

Stornoway Gazette, 20 October 1939
When news of the sinking of the aircraft carrier, HMS Courageous, was announced on Monday 17 September 1939, our community was cast into dejection, for a member of the crew was Alex, third son of Angus Finlayson, 10 Calbost, Lochs. As news of the survivors was issued, hope beyond hope prevailed among us that our youthful sailor companion would be among them. On Wednesday our persistent hop was shattered by the Admiralty's announcement that Alex was drowned.

Alex early in life obeyed the "call of the running tide". He served for a number of years in the capacity of a fisherman. "Ever keen to throng with stately bloom the breathing spring of Hope and Youth", he voluntarily joined up for the naval review off Spithead before the commencement of hostilities.

Alex possessed a charming personality which endeared him to everybody. He always had a cheerful word for the dejected and his pleasant smile was a balm to those in distress. His upright and cheerful disposition endeared him to all who knew him, in particular to us who knew him most intimately.

Now, no more the gleeful laugh of "Aligan" shall grace our communal activities. His removal so unexpectedly in the early bloom of youth leaves a great blank in our midst.

Our heartfelt sympathy is extended to his sorrowing parents, brothers and sister, who have lost so dutiful a son, so beloved a brother.

"His memory long will live alone
In all our hearts".

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