Malcolm Maciver, 78 Coll

Stornoway Gazette, 24 May 1940
It was with deep regret that it was learned last week that Malcolm Maciver, second son of Mrs Maciver and the late Murdo Maciver, 78 Coll, had died of wounds in hospital. Malcolm, who was a naval reservist, was serving in one of HM destroyers and his wounds were received in action with the enemy. His father, the late Mr Murdo Maciver, died of injuries received in the last war. An elder son, Angus Maciver, is at present on service with the Navy. A third son, still in his teens, is at home.

Malcolm was in his early twenties and unmarried.  Malcolm was a brother of Angus Maciver, who figured in the capture of the German ship "Borkum" last year, which was afterwards intercepted by a U-boat when being taken to a British port by a prize crew. The prize crew escaped in two lifeboats, taking the German prisoners with them.

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