Murdo Morrison, 6 South Bragar

Stornoway Gazette, 13 December 1940
Seaman Murdo Morrison, RNR, 6 South Bragar, is reported missing, believed drowned, since the "Laurentic", on which he was serving, was sunk. He was 38 years of age and had completed 16 years service in the RNR. He was a son of the late Norman Macleod and Mrs Macleod of 6 South Bragar. When his father died, shortly after the last war, he was the sole breadwinner for his widowed mother and his young sisters and brother. The brother is also serving in the RNR. Murdo was not tall of stature, but he was very strong and hardy and an excellent swimmer. He had a very kindly and happy disposition. Everyone in Bragar felt the news that he is missing very sorely - he was so popular and winsome in his ways.

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