Donald Campbell, 6 Lionel

Stornoway Gazette, 2 February 1940
News was received by Norman Campbell, 6 Lionel, on Tuesday 23 January, that his son Donald had been lost in HMS "Exmouth". This is the first Ness casualty of the war, and words are of no avail to describe the profound grief which was felt throughout the district when news was received of the death of this popular youth. Domhnuill Tabby, who was only 21 years of age, was a most lovable young man, gentle, kind, and considerate. He had a smile and a cheery greeting for all. When we who knew him only as a friend mourn him so deeply, how much more must they mourn who were near and dear to him. The blow was made all the more poignant by the fact that he was expected hom on leave. On the Thursday before his death he met a friend, to whose home he went for tea. At that time, he hoped to be in Lewis on leave by the following weekend. We shall always cherish his memory, for he was beloved by all. May God give his parents comfort and strength to bear their sad burden.

Stornoway Gazette, 9 February 1940
Today we mourn Donald Campbell, and though the fact is cruelly true, we can scarcely believe that we shall never again see that spontaneous smile of which we had got so fond, and the manly and utterly honest bearing of his personality which endeared him to one and all. Donald was only twenty, and had gone up for training about a month before the commencement of hostilities, so that he never had an opportunity to visit his loved ones at home since he left. To them we would say in all humility: Ness mourns with you in the loss of a dear son; he was one of whom you and we were, and ever will be, justly proud. May the Dear Lord uphold you in your grievous loss and give you strength to bear your Cross which is truly heavy. (Rev. 7, 13-14).

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