Norman Macleod, 61 South Bragar

Stornoway Gazette, 19 July 1940
On Tuesday of last week news was received by Mrs Margaret Macleod, widow of Angus Macleod, 61 South Bragar, that her son, Norman Macleod, seaman, RNR, had been killed on war service. The receipt of this tragic news evoked the deepest sense of loss throughout the district. Norman, who was only 18 years of age, was the youngest lad from Bragar on active service. He volunteered for service in the RNR last autumn, and on being called up was posted to a minesweeper. Recently, he was transferred to the English Channel and it was there that he met his death. Norman was well fitted by nature and by training for his duties in the service. Physically, he was exceptionally well-built and strong for his age, a factor which, together with the training he received two years ago at Gravesend Sea School, made him a most efficient member of the crew. His mother, brother and sisters have indeed suffered a great loss and to them and all his relatives our hearts go out in their sore bereavement,

Stornoway Gazette, 9 August 1940
Norman Macleod, at the age of 18, was the youngest Bragar lad on service. He was a son of Mrs Macleod and the late Mr Angus Macleod, 61 South Bragar. He was killed at his post on a HM minesweeper, during engagements with German bombers.  

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