Hector Mackay, 27 Sheshader

Stornoway Gazette, 23 February 1940
It was with deep regret that we learned of the loss of a precious life in the person of Hector Mackay, 27 Sheshader (Eachainn an Chalain), when the Exmouth went down in January. On his last visit home he was so brimful of his usual energetic eagerness that it is all the more difficult to realise his passing from our ken forever. It was only last April that he brought his bride, Effie Macaulay, daughter of Donald Macaulay, 13 Sheshader, to the new home he had prepared with all fresh hopes for a promising future. He was called up in July for the Naval Review and was home only once since then on short leave. His New Year leave was due on the weekend following that on which the Exmouth was lost, thus adding to the grief of those who mourn him, whose hopes of a near reunion were buoyed up only to be tragically dashed. Hector was a sturdy, well set-up young man of attractive personality, straightforward and friendly by nature. He will be sadly missed in a community where he was a useful and industrious member, always willing to lend a helping hand in tasks of neighbourly kindness. He is the third son of the family to make the supreme sacrifice for his country. Two older brothers, Donald and Colin, lost their lives in the Great War, one in France and the other in the Iolaire. Profound sympathy is extended to his relatives in their sore loss, especially to his young wife and aged mother, of whom it may be said that out of their treasure they have given their all.

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