Murdo Murray, 5 North Dell

Stornoway Gazette, 10 October 1941
Once more the village of North Dell, Ness, is mourning for the loss on active service of one of its most popular sons, Murdo Murray, RNR< son of the late Donald and Mrs Murray of No 5. Only a few weeks ago he was home, having obtained special leave for the annual trip to North Rona of which he was the tenant and with which the family has been associated for centuries. Murdo was a direct descendant of the "Gobha Gorm", the 31st. Tradition has it that the latter was instructed in the art of making swords and other implements by the fairies and for 29 generations his descendants plied the smith's craft on the same site in Swainbost. Formerly, at least, the ore used was dug locally. Murdo himself was the first of the line to wander from the family traiditon. He became a builder and no doubt modern conditions played thier part in his decision. It was characteristic of him that when in charge of a gun on a former ship his first request was that the crew should refrain from swearing while at exercises. Yet he was never a prig and loved a good joke. He was on board the Nelson when she was damaged early in the war, and was subsequently on a ship which was torpedoed in mid-Atlantic. The sympathy of the community goes out to his sister and mother, who is herself a member of a remarkable family, widely known for their grace and hospitality. He was a most considerate son who never asserted himself, but deferred to her judgment in all matters.

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