Alexander Macrae, 21 Keith Street, Stornoway

Stornoway Gazette, 13 December 1940
It was with deep regret many friends learned that the vessel on which Alex Macrae, Stornoway, was sailing as Chief Refrigerator Engineer had been sunk by enemy action. So far there is no news of the crew, but there is still hope that they may have been taken on board a German raider.
Mr Macrae, who was held in high regard in his profession, was making his last voyage prior to retiring from the sea. He has been sailing for 41 years. On completion of his engineering apprenticeship in 1899 he got his first job afloat. Latterly, he has served almost exclusively with the same well-known shipping company.

He has had an eventful career, serving through five wars or campaigns. One of his first trips was to Australia and thereafter his vessel was chartered to go to Manila as a store ship in the Philipine war. Later he served on a store ship at the Taku forts in the Boxer uprising. During the Boer War, his ship was engaged carrying troops from Australia to South Africa. The ship was twice set on fire by Dutch saboteurs. He also served throughout the Great War.
Mr Macrae was a son of the late Malcolm Macrae, contractor, Stornoway, and brother of Mr John Macrae, MA, rector of the Nicolson Institue. Mrs Macrae at present resides in Yorkshire, where their son, Alasdair, holds an important appointment as a civil engineer.

Transcriber's note: Alex Macrae did not perish in the sinking of his ship, but died at home five months later. He was marooned, but returned home. The tribute is reproduced here nonetheless.

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