Norman Macleod, 14 Tolsta Chaolais

Stornoway Gazette, 13 September 1940
Donald M Macleod, 14 Tolsta Chaolais, was also notified on Wednesday of last week that his eldest son, Norman - aged 20 - was "missing presumed killed". He had also joined up for the Review and was a member of the crew of HM destroyer "Esk" which was sunk a few days ago in the North Sea. This young lad had only one short leave of seven days during the past 13 months, a fact which shows how arduous and unremitting are the duties of our young men on board HM destroyers. He also took part in the evacuation of the British forces from Dunkirk and had several successful encounters with  U-boats. Both of these young men were fine physical specimens, full of the joy of living and whose presence in any gathering radiated a spriti of optimism and good fellowship. Their untimely death has cast a deep gloom over their native village, where they were so deservedly popular and highly respected. To their sorrowing parents and relatives we tender our heartfelt sympathy in their great and irreparable loss.

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