John Mackay, 1 Tolsta Chaolais

Stornoway Gazette, 6 June 1941
When, on Saturday evening, it was announced over the wireless that HMS Hood had gone down with heavy loss of life, great anxiety prevailed as to the fate of John Mackay, son of Angus Mackay, 1 Tolsta Chaolais, who was on board. Whatever slender hope may have been entertained as to his safety was soon dispelled by a telegram from the Admiralty informing his parents that he had been killed in action. John was a naval reservist prior to the outbreak of war, joined up for the Review, and was posted to the destroyer Wessex, on which he served until she was sunk off Dunkirk last summer. After some weeks in barracks, he was drafted to the Hood. Aged 21, he was a bright, intelligent lad, who was very popular in his native village, where his sad end is universally deplored. He was one of six brothers serving in HM forcdes - Roderick and Malcolm in the Navy; Norman and Angus in the Army; Murdo, the youngest, aged only 18, is in the Merchant Service. It may be mentioned that the ship on which Malcolm is serving played a prominent part in the destruction of the Bismarck. Mr and Mrs Mackay are left along in the home where they brought up a family of seven - six sons and one daughter. All the sons, as already mentioned, are on service and the daughter is married. The family has certainly a fine record of service to the country, one which can hardly be equalled. It is one, however, which must be giving the parents many an anxious moment. To them and their family theh deep sympathy of the community is extended in their sore bereavement.

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