John Archibald Macaulay, 24 Knock, Carloway

Stornoway Gazette, 21 March 1941
It is with much regret that we record this week the death of John Archibald Macaulay, which occurred at his residence, in Heath Street, Knock, Carloway, on Sunday morning, at the early age of 22 years. Called up for service in his class, deceased was posted to the Royal Naval Reserve, and after serving ashore and afloat, he had the misfortune to be struck down with measles and had to go into hospital. After his discharge from hospital, he was granted leave, and on the passage home he contracted a cold and other complications followed. All that medical skill and attention was to no avail. the younger of the two sons of Mr and Mrs Roderick Macaulay, deceased was a prime favourite in the locality, and the tragic nature of his death has aroused much sympathy for the bereaved parents and brother. The attendance at the funeral to Dalmore cemetery on Tuesday was in itself ample evidence of the respect in which deceased was held by all who knew him.

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