John Angus Murray, 8 Shader Point

Stornoway Gazette, 6 June 1941
It was with great regret many friends learned that John Angus Murray, 8 Newlands, Shader, Point, had made the supreme sacrifice. John Angus, who was in the Merchant Service, was 24 years of age. He has been reported lost at sea. A very popular young man, he played football both for the Nicolson Institute and for Point XI. On completing his secondary course at the Nicolson, he entered Glasgow University, where he took an Arts degree.

Deep concern and anxiety was felt in Shader when it became known some time ago, through the press, that the ship on which John Angus Murray [3 Newlands Shader, Point] was sailing had been sunk through enemy action. As however no official intimation was received at the time, hope were entertained that he might possibly be among the survivors, but these hopes were shattered when his mother was later officially informed that her son had been lost at sea. This news cast great glooom over the whole community where John Angus was a much esteemed and popular youth. He was a fine type of Lewis man, dignified in bearing, upright in character and of strapping build, He was only 24. How little we thought when he left us a year last autumn to complete his studies at Glasgow University that he would never return. Anxious to do his bit for King and country, he entered upon a course of training in a gunnery school last year, and on the completion of his training joined this ill-fated ship as a gunner. John Angus was a youth of exceptionall fine qualities which endeared him to everyone in the community, old and young alike. His pleasant smile, his ready with and quiet nature, will be missed by all. A hard-working and diligent youth, he was always ready to help when help was needed. He was a fine athlete and a brilliant footballer, and many football fans throughout the island, particularly on the West Side, will have recollections of John Angie Dollag's superb goal keeping for Point in the good old days of peace. Indeed, it is difficult for us, who were always in his company, to contemplate the loss of a powerful fellow like him whose presence we always desired and looked for in our company. However greatly we miss home, much more shall those who were near and dear to him, who looked on him as the mainstay of the family and whose welfare was always his first consideration. To his widowed mother and sisters at home and away the profound sympathy of the entire community is extended, in the irreparable loss of a dutiful son and brother whose memory will always remain cherished in their hearts.

Stornoway Gazette, 11 July 1941
From a Lewisman on active service, this tribute to a popular Point lad who gave his life for freedom:
The whole of Point, and I believe most of Lewis Island, heard with great regret of the loss of such a popular lad as John ANgus Murray, 3 Newlands, Shader, Point. Great Sympathy was felt in the district for his sorrowing mother and sisters. John Angie Dollag, as he was commonly called, was a real son of Lewis, Despite the fact that he had taken up a University career, he could not get rid of that yearning for the sea and the pure, patriotic spirit seeking no reward, which is characteristic of the best Lewisman. Little did we know and little did he, that he was destined for an ill-fated ship; but he had to goto sea, as he knew it was his duty and calling to do so. John Angie liked to be in the thick of the fray, and made a good fight of everything he tackled. This could not be more clearly shown than on the football field. When he was a member of the Point eleven, and later of the Nicolson Institute eleven, he always played a hard and plucky game from start to finish. There was no half-heartedness about him. I am certain he showed the same spirit in sterner tasks and that he bravely met his death. The stock from which he sprung, on both is father's and mother's side, were well-known for their hardiness and endurance. He was a lad who made many friends, and possessed all the qualities which make us so proud of our Lewis servicemen. The village of Shader must greatly miss such a well-liked lad as he.

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