Malcolm Murray, 20 Swainbost

Stornoway Gazette, 11 October 1940
It was with much regret that I heard of the death of my bes friend, Seaman Malcolm Murray, Swainbost, who went down with HMS Esk. We were of the same age and entered the village school the same week. When we were the age, we left school the same day. From that day, several carefree years were spent together at our happy village homes. At the age of 18, we enrolled for naval service the same day, passed our medic al examination, and left Stornoway for training the same night. In August 1918, on the termination of our training, we arrived home the same night. This time with new views of life and duty. We had not long to wait till the call to duty was heard, and we were not disobedient to it. As we were not sent to sea in the same ship, our close companionship was broken now for the first time, but we kept in touch with one another by letter. We met once, and for the last time, in January of this year, while we happened to be home on a short leave togetyher. My sympathy goes out to his sorrowing widow, mother, brother and aunts in their sore bereavement.

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