Murdo Macdonald, 38 Upper Bayble

Stornoway Gazette, 12 September 1941
It is with the deepest regret we record a most tragic coincidence in the families of two brothers, Norman and John Macdonald of 51 and 38 Upper Bayble. Shortly after Norman had taken home the remains of his son, Donald, from Lewis Hospital, news was received by John that his son Murdo had been killed in a motor accident while on service. [...] Murdo, a young man of 31, was as full of verve and vivacity as his cousin was reserved, an individual at perfect peace with himself and the world. His charm and perpetual smile were an anodyne to the depressed mind. A tragic circumstance of his death is that he escaped from the jaws of death several times on service at sea, only to lose his life in a motor accident on land. Possessed of the quiet courage and steadfastness characteristic of our oldest service, he would always make light of his experiences and the dangers and hazards he encountered. It is hard to realise we have been bereft of his cheerful personality. To both parents and families we extend the condolences of the whole community in their sad bereavement. We can sympathise with them but only surmise the grievousness which such a loss can occasion to those who hold them dear.

It is with deep regret we learned of the death of Seaman Murdo Macdonald, best known to his friends as Pillan. Tuesday afternoon brought the sad news which cast gloom over the village of Bayble, and on his many friends in various parts of the island, that he had been knocked down and killed by a bus in Gourock shortly after coming ashore. It is ironical that, after surviving so many dangers on sea, he should lose his life so tragically on land. It is so difficult to believe that he has been cut off from our midst in the prime of his life at the early age of 31 years. His naturally charming manner attracted all who came in contact with him and made friends for him wherever he went. Not only in his own household was he a willing helper, he was always ready to offer help to anyone in need. He was never seen without a smile and a cheery word for everyone. Only those who knew him intimately fully realise what it is to miss that smile forever. He was a friend worth having and our sincere sympathy goes out to his parents, sisters and brothers, at home and in Canada, in their sore bereavement.

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