Kenneth Mackinnon, 8A Ranish

Stornoway Gazette, 10 January 1941
It was with deep regret that the people of Brue learned on Christmas morning that Kenneth Mackinnon had lost his life when HM destroyer Acharon was sunk. Kenneth, a native of Ranish, was an employee of the Clyde Trust before war broke out. Ten years ago he married Margaret Morrison of Brue, better known as Maggie Alasdair Chaluin, after which he was in the habit of paying a visit each summer to the home of her father in Brue. It was during those visits that the people of Brue made his acquaintance and found him to be deeply religious and in every way a man worthy of great respect. The sympathy of all goes out to his widow and three young children, who, in his anxiety for their safety, he had persuaded to leave their home in Glasgow, and to his aged mother, Banntrach Ian Alasdair of Ranish, in their loss of a kind husband and father and a dutiful son.

Stornoway Gazette, 7 March 1941
Not only the families and the friends but the whole community was cast into grief when news was received that Kenneth Mackinnon, Ranish, had lost his life while serving on the destroyer Acheron, which was torpedoed, bringing with her to their sea graves scores of precious souls. Kenneth was an outstanding young man. He was only 18 years of age when his father died, but he undertook the duties and responsibilities of a father towards the other members of the family with great devotion. He was never seen to frown or grumble. In the face of all adversities and perplexities a smile illuminated his face. He was indeed a good son, extremely dutiful to his widowed mother and to his brothers and sisters. Kenneth married some years ago and his residence was at 11 Apsley Street, Partick, Glasgow. He came under the blessed influence of the Gospel when quite a young man, and held the office of deacon in Rev Murdo Campbell's congregation in Partick, where he was held in high esteem and much respected by old and young. He was upright and exemplary in character, adorning his profession by a true, quiet and sincere life of transparent piety. The words of Rev Lachlan Maclean Watt in "The Quiet Corner" can indeed be applied to Kenneth: "All that has the light of honour, love, faith, beauty and the thought of others about it cannot be far from the Kingdom of Heaven. Kenneth is survived by a widow and three children, also his widowed mother, brothers and sisters, living at 8 Ranish and a brother and sister living in Glasgow.

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