Angus Macleod, 2 Glen Gravir

Stornoway Gazette, 9 August 1940
It was learned with regret in Park that Angus Macleod, 2 Glen Gravir (Aonghas Ruairidh Aonghuis) was one of the two Lewismen who lost their lives them HMT Crestflower was bombed and sunk. Angus, who was in his thirties, was a very steady, reliable and much respected man, and at all times, and in all circumstances, an optimist. He was home in the springtime for a short spell of leave, when his wife was seriously ill. She made a good recovery, but is now left a widow with the upbringing of two young children. Angus has one brother in the navy. Much sympathy is felt for his wife and for his parents.

Stornoway Gazette, 4 October 1940
Seaman Angus Macleod, 2 Glen Gravir, was killed at his gun on HMT Crestflower in against a Nazi bomber. He leaves a wife and two young children.

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