Three Canadian sailors

Stornoway Gazette, 25 April 1941
Last week, three Canadian sailors who lost their lives on the battlefield of the Atlantic were buried at Stornoway with naval honours. The bodies had been landed at Stornoway by a passing ship.
As two of the sailors were Episcopalians and one a Presbyterian, a joint funeral service was held from Martin's Memorial Church and from St Peters. The cortege from Martin's Memorial halted at St Peters, where the other two coffins were laid side by side with the first, the three being draped with a Union Jack, and covered with wreaths from the shipmates of the men.

The service at St Peters was conducted by Canon Anderson Meaden, and the service at Martin's by Rev Ian Carmichael. After prayer at the graveside by the Rev Mr Carmichael, the committal service was conducted by Canon Meaden. A naval bearer party attended at the two churches, and a naval firing party was in attendance at the graveside. Several naval officers were present, and members of the general public.

The names of these men who were, as Rev Mr Carmichael phrased, struck down by a blow directed equally at us all are: Ord Telegraphist C Greenwood, First Class Stoker James Pettigrew and Able Seaman Donald Robertson.

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