AJ Paterson, 3 Brue

Stornoway Gazette, 24 November 1939

A tribute to the late seaman, A.J. Paterson

It is difficult for me to realise that I have to write of this precious young life as a "has been". When I heard of the tragic news that this healthy, budding branch of manhood had been torn from life, I could only picture him as an overgrown boy with a carefree, jolly and open countenance, idling his way to school with his mates, always acting in his usual role of peacemaker, always on the alert to do a good turn. It seems like yesterday, but, alas! it cannot be so. "For years have worn the rusted key, and time is on the jog". A.J. Paterson was eighteen years of age, and, being a naval reservist, when war broke out he was immediately called up to defend the weak against aggression. He left us with a smile but little did anyone think that it would be forever, that we would never again be enrichted by his pleasant banter, his ready help and admirable personality. To his many friends and acquaintances outside this locality he was better known as "Angie West", a name which he was given by the football fraternity as a prominent member of the West Side team. I suppose this memoir will be read by may a Lewis lad serving his country in many a land and clime, and all will feel a pang of grief for this ill-fated lad whom they knew so well. He was the youngest of a large and respected family, being a son of John Paterson, 3 Brue, with whom the community greatly sympathise in their bitter bereavement, and especially for his mother, who will feel this breaking strain on her bonds of affection more than anyone else, for who can enter her sacred store of memories and understand the precious fragments that complete the highest affection a sacrificing mother can have for her child. Angus John was that kind of son of whom any mother could feel proud to possess a friend who parting makes this district much poorer. May the King of Peace give our late friend the peace he would gladly give to anyone he came into contact with and may his life be an example to us and his passing not mean death but departure.

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