Murdo Macleod, 48 Swainbost

12 November 1943
The little village of Swainbost has already suffered sorely and dearly in the present war and we regret that Widow Colin Macleod, 48 Swainbost, has been informed that her son, Murdo, who was a naval reservist, has lost his life in his country's cause. His remains arrived at Stornoway on 29th October. His sorrowing wife belongs to Cromore and the funeral took place there. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to his sorrowing wife, mother, brothers and sisters in their sore bereavement.

26 November 1943
Leading seaman Murdo Macleod, 48 Swainbost, was a strapping man of 29 years, and got back to his post from a short leave only a few days before his death. He was the third eldest son of Mrs and the late Colin Macleod, Swainbost. Mrs Macleod has lost three other sons, a daughter (all grown up) and also her husband. Our sympathy goes out to her and to his wife, whom he married only three years ago.

10 December 1943
News has already appeared in our Ness columns of the death on active service of L/S Murdo Macleod, fourth son of Mrs Macleod and the late Mr Colin Macleod, Swainbost.

The news was received with regret not only in Ness but in the village of Cromore, and indeed the whole district of Park. Three years ago, L/S Macleod married Mary, daughter of John Smith, 16 Cromore, Lochs, and since then, he spent nearly all his leaves in Cromore. Exceptionally charming and obliging, he endeared himself to everyone. There was nothing narrow in his generous nature. He was a kind man, a staunch friend, and a rare personality. He was called up on the outbreak of war and served for over 4 years in the Navy. He was home on leave just a few weeks before his death. His remains were brought home and the funeral, which was largely attended took place to Crossbost Cemetery.

A wide circle of friends throughout Lewis join the villagers of Cromore in extending sympathy to his broken-hearted wife, mother, sisters and brothers, in their tragic loss. Also to all his in-laws, who mourn him as a son and brother.

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