Miss Marion Macleod, Port of Ness

Stornoway Gazette, 27 February 1942
It was with deep regret that many friends in Lewis learned that Miss Marion Charlotte Macleod, Ocean Villa, Port of Ness, was among those missing from the Canadian liner "Lady Hawkins" which was sunk last month off the Atlantic Coast of America. Survivors from the "Lady Hawkins" were landed at San Juan, Porto Rico, but 250 of those on board are believed to have lost their lives.
Daisy, as she was known to her friends, was the only daughter of the late Mr and Mrs John Macleod, Ocean Villa, Port of Ness. Anxious to serve the country, she took up a post with the NAAFI some time ago, and later transferred to the censorship department in Glasgow. Towards the end of last year volunteers were asked for to go to Bermuda and Miss Macleod was one of the small group who offered to go. She had completed the voyage to Canada, and was on her way to Bermuda when the Lady Hawkins was torpedoed.
Both her parents had been leading figures in the life of the community of Ness and Miss Macleod followed their example, taking a lively interest in all local activities. She succeeded her mother as a representative on the Nursing Committee, and gave valuable service as secretary of it. Her mother, during her later years, was the grand old lady of Ness, sought out by many visitors to the district, who enjoyed her interesting and vivacious company and her kindly wit.
They will have pleasant memories too of the hospitality they enjoyed at the hands of Miss Macleod who kept house for her mother. A cordial welcome was extended to all those who made Ocean Villa their port of call.
Miss Macleod is survived by four brothers; Gordon, who is postmaster at Port of Ness; James in Rhodesia; David in Natal; and Walter in USA. Some years ago, Miss Macleod visited the States to spend a holiday at Walter's home.

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