Malcolm Mackay, 15 Valtos

15 January 1943
It is with very deep regret we record the death, through enemy action, of Malcolm Mackay (Calum a'Chreagain), at the age of 31 years. He was the youngest member of the family of the late Alexander Mackay and Mrs Mackay, of 15 Valtos, Uig. His father also gave his life for King and Country in the First World War. Calum was a naval reservist before the war, and was called up at the outbreak of hostilities, being over 12 months on foreign service before obtaining his first leave. Eventually, he was transferred to another ship on which eh served until the last fatal action. Calum was of a very jovial disposition, had a pleasing and attractive manner, and was a general favourite in the whole community. He was full of clean good humour, straight and upright in word and action. In pre-war years, he took a great interest in the social activities of the district, and was the originator of many entertainments, whereby the Valtos School district took a prominent position on the "chart of finance" of the Lewis Hospital. The whole district is poorer for his passing. To his widowed mother, his brother and sisters at home and abroad, we extend our heartfelt sympathy in their sore bereavement.

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