Alexander Macleod, 60 Back

Stornoway Gazette, 27 March 1942
Since his ship was reported missing in the Atlantic in the late autumn, no news has been received of Mr Alexander Macleod, son of the late John Macleod, 60 Back, or of any of his shipmates. Mr Macleod, who had been at sea for about twenty years, was serving as chief engineer and only a year previously his former ship was also lost by enemy action. On that occasion, however, all the men were landed safely, after suffering some hardships.
Leaving Back School at the age of 14, Mr Macleod soon realised the need of further education; so at the age of 16 heentered the Linthouse Engineering Works of Messrs Alexander Stephen and Sons, Glasgow. Combining classes at Govan High School and teh Royal Technical College, with the practical training of the shipyard, he was successful in qualifying as a marine engineer in the shortest time possible.
After passing through the various grades of service at sea, Mr Macleod obtained the highest BOT certificates both for steam and diesel engines; and a number of years before the war he had attained to the rank of chief engineer.
Of a very happy and friendly disposition, and keenly interested in public affairs, Mr Macleod was well known and highly esteemed in his native district. He was possessed of a manly independence of judgment and a natural, unobtrusive self-assurance which made him cool, collected and courteous on every occasion.
Mr Macleod was married to a daughter of the late Kenneth Mackenzie, Portland Villa, Stornoway; and their home was in Glasgow. His mother now resides at 49 Vatisker, to which the family removed some years ago.


  1. Rest in peace great uncle Alexander.

  2. Chief Engineer ALEXANDER MACLEOD
    Mac Iain Alasdair 'an 'ic Alasdair
    Last address in Lewis: 60 Back
    Son of John and Annie MacLeod; husband of Isabella MacLeod, of Stornoway, Isle of Lewis.
    Service unit: Merchant Navy, SS Empire Eland
    Date of death: 15 September 1941 at the age of 41
    Lost on ship sunk by U-94
    Memorial: Tower Hill, panel 40
    Local memorial: Back