Malcolm Mackenzie, 15 North Street, Sandwick

3 September 1943
Another name, in that of Malcolm Mackenzie of Sandwick and Possilpark, Glasgow, has to be added to that of many sons of Eilean an Fhraoich who have made the supreme sacrifice in the War. As the vessel on which he sailed as engineer is presumed to have been sunk by enemy action as far back as last February, and nothing has since been heard of him, his death may now be accepted as a tragic fact.

Deceased was the youngest son of the late Malcolm Mackenzie and Mrs Mackenzie, Possilpark, Glasgow and a grandson of the late Mr and Mrs Donald Chapman, Sandwick. He served his time as an engineer in the Hydepark Locomotive Works, Glasgow, and afterwards went to sea, serving for several years as a marine engineer on City Line steamers. He afterwards transferred to Harrison & Co's ships of Cardiff, and it was on one of that Company's vessels he was when his life was lost by enemy action.

It might be added that he has three brothers serving at sea at the present moment, two in the Navy, and one in the Merchant Navy. His mother and the family to which he belongs are well-known in the Highland circles in Glasgow. A sister, Mrs Effie Maclean, wife of Mr John Maclean of Glasgow Police (Maryhill Division), is well-known as the very competent secretary of the Lewis and Harris Association.

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