Kenneth Macaulay, 2 Carnish

Stornoway Gazette, 27 February 1942
Notification has been received by Mr and Mrs Macaulay, 2 Carnish, that the ship in whcih their son Kenneth was serving, has been sunk and the shipping company regrets to inform them that his name is not among those of the known surivvors and, having consulted the authorities, they fear the hope of his safety is now very slender. The call to defend King and country found young Kenneth Macaulay in readiness to do his bit and he joined the merchant service, in which he remained, sailing both in home and foreign waters, until his ship became a casualty. Coinneach Theilie, as he was familiarly known in the parish, was a young man of irreproachable character, and was of a particularly kind and sympathetic nature, and a favourite with every one in the district. He was brought up by God-faring parents in a comfortable home, and under the influence of high spiritied motives, which must have left their impression upon him. The sad news has cast a gloom over the parish and deep sympathy is shown to Mr and Mrs Macaulay and family in their sore bereavement. Coinneach was looked upon in the house as a tower of strength and support and always proved himself a dutiful and affectionate son, but when the time came to go forth in support of righteousness and justice, he was ready to lay down his life in the cause. It is truly lamentable to see the parish so much depleted of its young manhood, the pick of the generation, but it is to be hoped the great and irreparable sacrifice will not be in vain when righteousness and peace is ultimately established upon earth.

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