Kenneth Crichton, 6 Aignish

19 March 1943
News has been received from the Middle East that Gunner Kenneth Angus Crichton, son of William Crichton, 6 Aignish, has died of wounds sustained during the January advance of the 8th Army. Turned down for service with the Ross Mountain Battery, because of a slight defect in one leg, Kenneth was still determined to get into the services. Finally he was accepted for home defence only, but in the crisis after Dunkirk was sent out to the Middle East, and went through the campaign of Wavell, Auchinleck and Alexander. In the month of January, when the hard-fought campaigns were about to earn their reward in the complete expulsion of the Axis forces from Italian North Africa, he was wounded, and his death occurred early in February. He leaves a wife and son at 33 Ranish, to whom, as to his other relatives, deep sympathy is extended.

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