Malcolm Macleod, 11 Garenin

Stornoway Gazette, 27 November 1942
Official notification was received on 21st November by Mrs Catherine Macleod, 11 Garenin, that her youngest son, L/Cpl Malcolm Macleod, a piper in the Seaforth Highlanders, was killed in action in early November. Deepest regret is felt at the news of Malcolm's death, and we sincerely sympathise with the mother, his two sisters and two brothers, one of whom is in the Merchant Navy, and the other in the USA. We presume Callum fell while the 51st Division was breaking through the enemy's position near El-Alamein. From a press report of that gallant achievement, we quote:
"In broad daylight, against a fortress surrounded by minefields, dotted with pill-boxes and occupying a commanding height, the Seaforths, supported by tanks, attacked and overcame another position, after a previous attempt had failed. The casualties were heavy, but the spirit of the Seaforths was indomitable. Again the pipers were in the forefront and two of them fell in the fighting". And from another press account which may refer to the same incident. "Our lads put up a terrific show, but it was too big a job ---- But my messages had got through and an officer came along to tell me that the Seaforths, with tanks, were to attack the enemy posts ---- We could see the Seaforths coming, it was a grand show, and when the tanks came over, the white flag appeared from all the posts, and we could see the Italians coming out with their hands up."

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