Eric Angus Bodley, 10 Ardroil

23 July 1943
Cpl. Eric Angus Bodley, Seaforth Highlanders, of 10 Ardroil, was killed in action at the battle of Wadi Akarit in April. His Captain, writing to his sister, Nurse Margaret Bodley, Southern General Hospital, Edinburgh, says :-I sympathise with you most sincerely in the loss which I know must be almost unbearable, but you must know that he died very bravely and it was his comrades and his friends that enabled us to win that battle.

We attacked the enemy positions about the Wadi Akarit at dawn on the 6th of April. It was an extremely strongly held position and the enemy were very determined not to lose it, so there were many counter attacks throughout the day and it was during one of these that your brother was killed by machine-gun fire. He was buried in the Seaforth Cemetery at the foot of Roumana Ridge on the 8th of April. There was a service taken by our Padre, Capt. D. W. Macrae. M.C., which was attended by many hundreds of Seaforths, and at which our pipes played. The cemetery is in a very beautiful place with the hills behind.

Cpl Bodley was brought up by his grandparents at 10 Ardroil. His uncle is Angus Macleod, 26 Keith Street, Stornoway. His sister Margaret, as stated, is nursing in Edinburgh.

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