Norman Macdonald, 30 Knock, Carloway

3 November 1944
Seaman Norman Macdonald, 30 Knock, Carloway, has been killed on operations off the Normandy coast. Norman was 36 years of age and was a weaver before his call-up, with little experience of the sea. Despite this, his commander has paid tribute to the satisfaction he gave his officers, and the reliance that could be placed upon him at all times. He was complimented over and over again (according to his officers' report) on the manner in which he carried through special tasks under difficulties, and he was picked as a special look-out

We who knew Norman better even than his officers did, can only add that as a seaman he could only be what he always was - the most unselfish, dutiful and kindly soul one could wish to meet. An English seaman who served with him on a previous trip has written to his mother: "I never met a finer chap in all my days". The family, his aged mother, sister and three brothers, have reason for their sorrow. The neighbourhood also feels bereaved. We can only pray that those who live will, in increased measure, prove worthy of noble lives thus sacrificed, and will resolve that such lives will not again be given up in vain [R. M.]

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