Donald Macleod, 3 Upper Bayble

24 November 1944
Trying to get a burning vessel at a foreign quayside, regardless of risk, Chief Petty Officer Donald Macleod of Bayble met his death gallantly.

Bayble friends will know him better as "Dollan A Blaster". A son of Mr and Mrs Angus Macleod, 14 Lower Bayble, he was brought up by his aunt, Mrs Jessie Mackenzie, from the age of two.

He volunteered for the trawler section as soon as he was old enough and was promoted rapidly. He was only 22 at the time of his death.

Writing to Mrs Mackenzie, Donald's Commanding Officer says: "He was killed while very gallantly trying to get to a burning boat at the quayside. The craft exploded and he met his death instantly. He well knew the risk he ran, and did his duty unhesitatingly, despite that knowledge.

"Your nephew had been with the ship for four months, and was greatly respected by the whole crew as a man and a good companion. The funeral was at sea, attended by all the ships present, and full naval honours were accorded, three volleys being fire in salute".

Deep sympathy is extended to his father, mother, brothers and sisters, and especially to his aunt, who had no other thought but of him, whose death leaves her all alone. All of us in Bayble were deeply shocked when we heard of Dollan's death, but we were proud of the way he met it, as the whole of Lewis is.


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