John Campbell, 33 Arnol

30 March 1945
The funeral of Gnr John Campbell, RA, elder son of Mr and Mrs Donald Campbell, 33 Arnol, took place to Bragar Cemetery on 16th March. Gnr Campbell who was in th earmy for about four years, was due to go out East when he fell ill, and had to be removed to hospital in Watford, where he died on 8th March. The remains were accompanied to Lewis by a Musselburgh lad, who had been his pal during his four years of army service. Gnr Campbell who was aged 23 was a weaver before the war. The funeral service was conducted by Rev Mr Macleod, Barvas. Deep sympathy is extended to the relatives in their bereavement.

24 August 1945
Deep gloom was cast over this community when it became known some time ago that Gunner John Campbell, 33 Arnol, had passed away in a military hospital in London, at the early age of 23 years. John, who joined the army three years ago and had seen service in many parts of the country with a mountain regiment became suddenly ill a few hours before his regiment embarked for foreign shores. High hopes were entertained for a speedy recovery, but these, alas! were doomed to disappointment. Endowed by nature with a kindly disposition, his ready smile, his quiet an unobtrusive ways, his unsophisticated tastes, his unpretentious manner, endeared him to old and young, among whom he was very popular. He possessed quiet virtues of his own which were not apparent to superficial observers, but which, to those who had known him all his life in the intimacy of close relationship, were truly great. In filial devotion and duty, none could surpass him. Many of his youthful comrades, scattered far and wide by the exigencies of war, will learn with profound sorrow of the passing of a friend who claimed their respect by the very uprightness of his character. To us at home it is difficult to realise that he who left us not so long ago, so young, so gay, in the prime of manhood, will return no more. To his sorrowing parents, sisters and brother, the heartfelt sympathy of the whole community goes out in this, their second, sore bereavement within a short period of years. Ample testimony to his popularity was provided by the large number of mourners who followed the cortege to the Bragar Cemetery, where all that was mortal of John Campbell were laid to rest, where the surges of the Atlantic keep a ceaseless vigil "till the day breaks and the shadows flee away".

21 December 1945
As reported in our columns some weeks ago, Gunner John Campbell, 33 Arnol, fell suddenly ill just as his unit was about to embark for service overseas, and has since died in a military hospital in London.

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