John Macleod, 27 Lower Bayble

23 February 1945
"In all my experience, I have foudn that the sailors who hail from Stornoway have been good, steady seamen, and above all they have been men on whom one can rely", writes the commanding officer of one of HM Trawlers to Mrs Catherin Macleod, 27 Lower Bayble, expressing the sympathy of his shipmates in the death of her son, Seaman John Macleod, better known in Bayble as "Eba".

"When he was given a job to do I knew that it would be done thoroughly and well", writes his Commanding Officer. "I am not exaggerating to say that he was the type of man that forms the backbone of our sea-going service, and his quiet, steady method of getting things done has served wonderfully well in the training of the very new sailor who arrives straight from some job on land, and finds himself drafted to a job afloat".

The Lieut Commander of the Flotilla writes: "With the passing of your son John, the Royal Navy has lost a fine seaman who, among his shipmates here, was always held in the highest respect." Referring to his coolness and steadiness, the Lt Commander adds: "He could be relied upon at all times to do his duty to the utmost. Seaman John Macleod will be remembered amongst us as a name worthy to be added to the glorious company of Highlanders who have so freely given their lives in the service of their country".

Those in Bayble who knew "Eba" will not be surprised by these tributes to his sterling character.

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