Donald Munro, 6 Knock, Point

11 August 1944
On Tuesday, 25th July, word was received that L. Seaman Donald Munro, eldest son of Mrs Margaret Munro, eldest son of Mrs Margaret Munro, 6 Knock, has been lost on active service. He was 37 years of age. The whole township was deeply moved, especially because another son, Colin Munro, was lost on active service at the beginning of the year. Both of these young men will be greatly missed for they were general favourites in the place, and they will be sorely missed from the home, of which they had been the mainstay ever since they were left fatherless at an early age. The heartfelt sympathy of the entire community is extended to the widowed mother, the remaining brother, who is in the Navy, and four sisters, one of whom is a nursing sister in the WRNS.

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