John Stewart, 33 Upper Bayble

11 February 1944
As reported in a recent issue. A B John Stewart, only son of Mrs and the late Mr John Stewart, 33 Upper Bayble. has died of fever in an Italian hospital, at the age of 23 years. He joined up at the Review in July, 1939. and since then had seen hazardous service in several war zones. He was in action at Crete, in Malta during the heavy raids, and latterly in Italy. He was torpedoed thrice. On the last occasion, he was picked up by a submarine and landed after eight days at sea, at a British port. He had lost all his possessions and landed wearing a, soldier's uniform. He leaves behind a widowed mother and one sister. to whom the sympathy of the whole community is extended. The following is a letter received by his mother from the chaplain at the hospital where he died:

We laid your dear son to rest this morning, when his friends accompanied him to his grave. I want to tell you at this very sad time that I feel for you deeply. He was such a fine boy and I was grieved to learn that he had passed on. But he did not suffer at all. God rest his soul and give you peace and strength.

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