Duncan Alex Macaulay, 7 East Street, Sandwick

9 February 1945
News has been received that Duncan Alex Macaulay, 7 East Street, Sandwick, has been killed in action in Holland. He is a son of Murdo Macaulay, 23 East STreet, who served as a Chief Petty Officer in the last war. Before the war, Duncan was employed in Glasgow. After he went on service, his wife, also from Sandwick (Phyllis Graham) returned to Lewis, and is presently on the staff of Stornoway Playhouse. Duncan's brother John is a prisoner in Japanese hands. He was in the army for a time on service in China, and when he left the army he joined the policeforce there. Another brother, Murdo, is in the Merchant Navy, and a sister is a home. Much sympathy is felt for the widow and relatives in their bereavement.

16 February 1945

"Although he died in this act it was entirely due to his courage and determination that his platoon wa sable to get forward and capture their objective", writes his Lieut. Col of Corporal Duncan Alex Macaulay, Cameronians, of 7 East Street, Sandwick, whose death in action in Holland was reported in our last issue.

In a letter to Mrs Macaulay, expressing the sympathy of the battalion in the loss of her hubsand, the Lieut. Col. tells how the section which Corporal Macaulay was commanding was held up by strong enemy fire in the final stages of their attack. The Corporal dashed forward and threw a grenade. He was killed in the act, but the objective was secured. "We are all very proud of him," writes the Lieut. Col.

4 May 1945
Corporal Duncan Alex Macaulay, 7 East Street, Sandwick, who was killed in action inHolland, was one of the members of his unit's boxing team, and a frequent prize-winner in army bouts. He died leading his men against an enemy position, and, thanks to his gallantry, the objective was taken, although he was mortally wounded. "The Flowers of the Forest" were played by the pipers of the Cameronians when he was buried in the divisional cemetery.

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