Donald Ferguson, Cluer

14 July 1944
Flight Engineer Sgt Donald Ferguson, eldest son of Mr and Mrs J. A. Ferguson, Red House, Inverlochy, Fort William, and grandson of the late Alexander Morrison, Cluer, Harris, who was reported missing in November is now presumed to have lost his life. He was 25 years of age and before volunteering for the RAF in 1940, was employed by the British Aluminium Co. In April of last year, his plane was shot down over enemy territory and of the crew of seven, only Ferguson and another member survived. He was posted missing but at the end of seven weeks, much to the relief of his parents and friends, a letter from himself brought the good news that he was safe and on his way to this country. He shortly afterwards returned to the service. It was a day or two after his arrival at Inverlochy that I first met Donnie, and straightaway was captivated by his charm. Undernearth the quiet reserve so typical of those who have come through some gruelling experience, I could detect the determined and resolute will which helps our airmen to complete their arduous missions. When I asked how he managed to make his escape, Donnie smilingly asked me to ask him after the war. "I would tell you now", he added, "only that such a disclosure might endanger the lives of others who have the misfortune to come down on enemy ground". This reticence in matters which he might very well be proud to relate, was characteristic. To the number who have already brought honour to the islands may be added the name of Sgt Donald Ferguson, whose closest associations are with Skye and Harris. To his parents, brothers and sisters, the sympathy of a host of friends is extended.

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